Azure Backup support for Load Balancer & CloudLink VMs

Azure Backup is a simple, reliable service providing consistent backups for virtual machines (Windows and Linux) running in Azure. We are excited to announce that in addition to what is already available as part of general availability and other feature improvements, Azure Backup now supports following additional virtual machine configurations:

  • Virtual machines under load balancer configuration (Internal and External)
  • Virtual machines with multiple NICs
  • Virtual machines with multiple reserved IP addresses
  • VMs encrypted with CloudLink SecureVM

These additional configurations support along with support for CloudLink SecureVM makes Azure Backup an enterprise-grade backup solution to reliably backup virtual machines running in Azure.

Support for VMs encrypted with CloudLink SecureVM

For enterprises moving their critical VMs and data to Azure both encryption and backup are top requirements. Azure Backup and CloudLink SecureVM help enterprises seamlessly achieve both requirements. The entire encryption of data happens transparently in the VM layer. When Azure Backup does a snapshot of the VM’s disks and transfers data, it accesses and transfers only the encrypted data. On restore, the data in the page blobs continues to be encrypted and upon restored VM SecureVM agent connects to the server at boot time to authenticate the keys .

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