Law Office Cloud Desktop



Law Office Cloud Desktop is your firm’s law office computer desktop hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and delivered to law firm staff on a variety of devices – Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, or Android. Law firm staff can access their applications remotely from their Internet-connected laptop, tablet, or phone.

Law Office Clouds installs and configures your firm’s applications to run on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and Microsoft Azure RemoteApp on the Microsoft Azure cloud.  While appearing to run on the users’ local device, the applications are centralized on Microsoft Azure’s protected, reliable platform.

Law Office Clouds works with your local IT vendor or in-house staff to connect your on premises devices including computers, tablets, phones, printers, copiers, scanners, storage devices and others to your applications on the Micrsoft Azure Cloud.

Law Office Remote desktops hosted on Microsoft Azure starting at $30 per month per user.
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