Managing Your Law Firm Data the Right Way with Microsoft Azure StorSimple





There are certain complexities when managing your law firm data growth such as dealing with storage capacity and data protection. In 2014 Microsoft introduced their Azure StorSimple solutions, a hybrid cloud integrated storage product. Microsoft Azure StorSimple is designed to provide cost savings in storage and data security. Microsoft’s hybrid cloud storage solution can help your firm manage storage growth for primary, file sharing, archiving, and data protection.

With your law firm’s influx of new cases and matters, eventually storage expansion becomes increasingly necessary. Instead of consistently buying costly storage space, your firm can effectively manage its data growth with solutions offered by Microsoft. Azure StorSimple provides a unique hybrid solution allowing users to store constantly used data on-premises and less pertinent or older data in the cloud.

Recently Microsoft renamed Primary Volume type in StorSimple to Tiered Volume. Azure StorSimple has two volume types; Tiered Volume (formerly known as Primary) and Archival Volume. Both types of volumes send data to the cloud and can be stored locally. Microsoft recommends using Archival Volume for less frequently used data and Tiered Volume for all other data.


For more information on how to use the Azure StorSimple Manager service to create and manage volumes click here.