Service Level Agreement options for Law Office Desktop and Managed Services.

Microsoft offers a service level agreement (SLA) on various Azure services depending on the way they are configured. By default, the only SLA all Law Office Clouds Azure implementations carry are those that Microsoft offers.  See Microsoft Azure SLA information.   Under this and virtually all other companies’ service level agreements, the compensation for falling below the promised level of functionality is a credit towards a portion of your monthly service fees. Reliability of any IT infrastructure is directly in proportion to the resources devoted and the redundancy built in to the infrastructure.  The more redundancy, the less likely that a system will fall below workable levels.   That is why at Law Office Clouds, we offer optional Service Level Agreements with financial compensation if failure occurs.  Depending on the SLA chosen, Law Office Clouds develops implementations that increase redundancy in infrastructure, application availability and data backup. Call Law Office Clouds today to configure implementation redundancy and related service level agreements.