Announcing Microsoft Azure Backup Server

Microsoft Azure Backup Server is included as a free download with Azure Backup that enables cloud backups and disk backups for key Microsoft workloads like SQL, SharePoint and Exchange regardless if these workloads are running on Hyper-V, VMware or Physical servers. We had previously released Microsoft Azure Backup Server on Oct 7, 2015 with English-only […]

Azure Security Center now available

In a keynote two weeks ago, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shared the company’s vision for enterprise security in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. He highlighted the need for a new approach to security – one that leverages Microsoft’s unique insights into the threat landscape – and showcased Microsoft technologies, including Azure Security Center, which will work […]

Azure SQL Database Transparent Data Encryption general availability

I’m pleased to announce the general availability of Azure SQL Database Transparent Data Encryption to protect your data and help you meet compliance requirements by encrypting your database, associated backups, and transaction log files at rest without requiring changes to your application. Thousands of customer databases are already enjoying the security and compliance benefits of […]

New Azure SQL Database Premium performance levels

As more customers build more powerful applications in Azure using Azure SQL Database, we’ve seen strong demand for more options to scale performance and database size. To help meet this demand, we’ve announced two new performance levels within our Premium service tier: P4 and P11. P4 makes it easier for customers to scale performance with […]

Azure Site Recovery available in Central US and East US2 regions

Azure Site Recovery is now available in all non- government US regions with the same service-level agreement coverage that is available in other regions worldwide. With this expansion, Azure Site Recovery is available in 17 regions worldwide (Australia East, Australia Southeast, Brazil South, Central US, East Asia, East US, East US2, Japan East, Japan West, […]

G-Series and GS-Series virtual machines in multiple new regions

The G-Series, now available in the West Europe region, provides more memory and more local solid-state drive (SSD) storage than other Azure virtual machines (VMs). In addition, the G-Series delivers unparalleled computational performance by using the Intel Xeon processor E5 v3 family, which is ideal for your most demanding applications. Click here for article.

Azure Backup support for Load Balancer & CloudLink VMs

Azure Backup is a simple, reliable service providing consistent backups for virtual machines (Windows and Linux) running in Azure. We are excited to announce that in addition to what is already available as part of general availability and other feature improvements, Azure Backup now supports following additional virtual machine configurations: Virtual machines under load balancer […]

Azure Preview Portal – November 2015 update

Hi, Azure friends! Today we are proud to announce a new set of improvements to the Azure Preview Portal. Like last time, all these enhancements are in response to the great feedback we’ve received from you. We’re very grateful for your feedback and look forward to more of it! Here’s a quick summary of the […]

Azure Backup can protect IaaS VMs

Azure Backup performs online backups of Azure IaaS virtual machines (VMs) running on Windows and Linux, and restores them as needed. You can use Windows PowerShell to back up and restore, to monitor jobs, to get job-failure alerts, and to generate reports. You can also retain copies of your applications and data for years to […]

Azure SQL Database Elastic Database tiers

Elastic databases support SaaS applications that have many databases and unpredictable database resource demands. Now you can use the flexibility of elastic databases to support explosive growth and competitive SaaS business models. Instead of overprovisioning databases to meet peak demand, you can combine elastic databases in a pool where a large number of them leverage […]