Azure Data Security and Privacy

Azure Data Security and Privacy



Tim Tetrick

Hello Partners,

With lots of stories in the press recently about the rights of governments and legal entities to access data stored in the public Cloud, questions are bound to come up from your customers and prospects regarding Azure.  I wanted to provide you some ammunition for helping address these concerns.

First, with respect to government access concerns, customers may ask what is Microsoft’s position when it comes to governments and government agencies being able to access customer data.  The following graphic provides guidance for addressing this concern.


Similarly, customers may ask what Microsoft’s policy is for providing access to customer data in the case of a subpoena or other legal request.  The following graphic summarizes Microsoft’s position on legal requests for customer data.


*Note:  To get access to the Law Enforcement Request Report referenced above, click here.

I hope this helps address some of your customer’s concerns on these issues.  For more information, please see theMicrosoft Azure Trust Center.  In addition, you can view the presentation “Microsoft Azure Security and Compliance Overview” where the above guidance is presented, at